A Dentist S Arsenal

A Dentist s Arsenal


Jesse Hake

A dentist offers a variety of services, ranging from simple check-ups to tedious surgical procedures. The latest additions to the list of everyday dentistry gadgets include lasers and computer imagery that allow a dentist to combat every oral problem known in the field. For every dental problem, a dentist has a full arsenal of solutions. Indeed, the field has come a long way since its first evidence of practice in the ancient world.

The modern dental tools available to dentists are made of synthetic materials, which is a big improvement over their pure steel predecessors. They are easier to use during operations and to maintain after. They are also a lot safer than their traditional counterparts. Since they do not rust, there is no chance for them to cause infections.


The pain of dental procedures, although not eliminated completely, has also been significantly reduced thanks to modern equipment and techniques. Anesthetics neutralize the uncomfortable sensations caused by surgery. The use of anesthetics is practiced in other fields of medicine as well.

As for procedures,

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usually drill into the teeth to remove decayed portions and close the gap with filling. There are also crowning treatments that involve covering the damaged part of the tooth with a small porcelain strip or steel jacket. Another modern procedure is dental bleaching, where the teeth are polished to perfection.

Dental anxiety is one of the most common issues people deal with. This condition is most associated with children. To ease dental fear, there are instances when a

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gives sweet treats to his or her younger patients after the treatment. This is to reward them for enduring the procedure. The possibility of getting free candy is usually enough to distract or motivate a child to go through a painful experience.

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and other areas want to give their patients a wonderful experience during their dental appointment. This is why they try the most compatible treatments from their arsenal. They make sure that they are approaching a patient s problem in the best possible way, which is often the least painful yet most effective technique to solve the issue.

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