What You Should Know About Arch Disorders Treatment Bolingbrook, Il

byAlma Abell

The arches of the feet are an important part of patient mobility. An arch consists of tendons, ligaments, a tarsal bone, and a metatarsal bone. This structure is responsible for supporting the weight of a person. Over time, certain factors can cause arches to deteriorate. When this happens, a disorder can occur. Learn about Arch Disorders Treatment Bolingbrook IL, to see if they could be causing your foot problems.

Common disorders of the arches are flat feet or fallen arches. This can be caused by many factors, including dislocated bones, stretched tendons, and congenital defects. This condition can be very painful and debilitating if left untreated. Since blood can pool in fallen arches, swelling can occur. Getting off your feet and using ice can reduce the swelling and pain. Some doctors will prescribe stretching exercises. This will help your feet regain strength and functionality. Physical therapy can drastically improve the way you function. A doctor may order orthotic devices to use in your shoes, or you may have to wear a brace to support your arches.

A podiatrist may order surgery if the foot deformities are severe, or mobility is severely limited. A doctor can fuse ankle and foot bones together for greater strength. You can also have bone grafted into your foot to make rising more natural. There are several other possible surgical treatments. However, these are usually done as a last resort. When a person can function well with this disorder, additional treatment will usually not be needed.

Educate yourself on home-based Arch Disorders Treatment Bolingbrook IL. This is done mainly to alleviate or eliminate the pain associated with fallen arches or flat feet. Use over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen as directed by the doctor. Wearing foot inserts can help with reducing pain as well. It’s helpful to avoid activities that put heavy or prolonged pressure on your feet.

Arches are an important part of your feet. When there is a disorder, it’s beneficial to seek Arch Disorders Treatment Bolingbrook IL. This will help with pain and restore mobility. For more information on arch disorders, please talk to a specialist at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates. This practice can handle many types of problems involving a patient’s feet. Visit website for more information.

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