Can A Henderson Dentist Help Your Career Prospects?

Can a Henderson Dentist Help Your Career Prospects?


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Most of us like to think we don\’t judge people based on appearance, but studies have shown that we do, and there have even been studies linking dental health and career success. One study by the Columbia University School of Public Health found that childhood access to fluoridated water can actually lead to higher income. Women who grew up where water was fluoridated earned 4% more than comparable women who didn\’t. Particularly in \”public-facing\” jobs, employers are more reluctant to hire people with obvious signs of dental problems. Fortunately, even severe dental problems can be corrected by a top

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Healthy Teeth Are Critical to an Attractive Appearance


A 2012 study by Kelton Research found that nearly three-quarters of respondents rated people with straight teeth as \”more trustworthy.\” Crooked, stained, missing, or decayed teeth carry many negative connotations – founded or not. Teeth are a very important aspect of physical appearance because the teeth define the lower third of the face. If you have ever watched a makeover reality show, you probably noticed how big a difference correcting dental problems can make in a person\’s attractiveness. A dental makeover can make as big a difference as plastic surgery in some cases.

If You Have Dental Insurance


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should have experience in communicating with and filing with dental insurance companies. When they have your insurance information they can help you plan dental procedures so that you can use the coverage you have to its fullest extent. Speaking with the dental office\’s insurance specialist can help you determine what you have coverage for and what you don\’t so that you can make the most informed decision possible when it comes to getting the dental procedures you need to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

If You Don\’t Have Dental Insurance

Many people do not have dental insurance, but if you\’re one of them, it doesn\’t mean you should give up on having healthy teeth and gums and an attractive smile. Look for a Henderson dentistry practice that can help you work out a payment plan for the care you need. Some procedures, like dental implants, are expensive, but when done by an experienced practitioner and when cared for properly, they can last many years and make an enormous difference in the quality of your life. When your teeth and gums are healthy, your overall health is better, and it\’s easier to consume a nutritious diet.

Why Not Schedule a Consultation Today?

Even if it has been years since you visited a dentist, rest assured that a top Henderson practice can cope with your dental needs. If anxiety or fear has kept you from getting dental care, ask about sedation options. Today\’s dentists understand dental anxiety far better and are more than willing to offer you options that will allow you to get necessary dental care without the fear you may have suffered from in the past. The first step is a phone call. Your Henderson dental practice is ready to answer your questions and help you have the healthy teeth and gums you deserve.

Do you know that people view those with straight teeth as more trustworthy? It s true, and if you have crooked or missing teeth, it might be time to visit a Henderson dentist. The Henderson dentistry professionals that you ll find at will help analyze your dental situation and create a plan to give you the perfect smile.

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