Children’s Bedroom Furniture How To Select Wisely

By Rach Eden

Buying children’s bedroom furniture needn’t be a big hassle. There are certain things to bear in mind when buying furniture for kids rooms, and after reading this article you will be prepared to find exactly what you are after.

The first thing you need to consider is your budget. Children’s bedroom furniture generally falls into two categories: high quality furniture, which tends to be more expensive, and cheap bedroom furniture. There are plenty of choices for all budgets, and if you are looking to do it on the cheap, there is still a huge selection of kids furniture for you to choose from.

So, why spend money then? The reason you would want to invest money in your child’s bedroom furniture is purely because high quality furniture is built to last. This means that you won’t need to update your child’s room in years to come. However, you must bear in mind that children will probably be begging you to update their bedroom as they get older, particularly as they reach their teenage years, and it might therefore be better to plump for cheaper children’s bedroom furniture. You are more likely to feel that you have had your use out of it if then go on to update in the next five years. If you have more than one child, investing in more expensive furniture is always a good idea as it can be passed down to your younger children as those pesky older children beg for a revamp!


Next on the list is, which colour to go for? There are so many colours of kid’s bedroom furniture on the market, from white to cream, pink to blue, or wooden and natural. It may be tempting to buy pink furniture for girl’s bedrooms, and blue for boys bedrooms, but as children grow older they are probably going to want to escape stereotyping by colour. Investing in wooden, unpainted furniture or white bedroom furniture is often a good idea.

So, should you buy wooden furniture or not? Wooden furniture not only looks nice, but is also sturdy and built to last. However, there are plenty of retailers at the cheaper end who sell furniture for kids bedrooms with a wooden effect, therefore keeping the price down. Often these pieces of furniture look as good as their wooden counterparts, and no one would ever know that it is not real wood. Going for cheaper materials is recommended if you are thinking you will update your child’s bedroom in the next handful of years, whereas investing in wooden pieces is a good option if you don’t think you will be updating your child’s room for at least five years.

Buying online versus buying from shops…you need to weigh up the pros and cons on this one. If you buy from your local shop, you get the advantage of seeing the children’s furniture in the “flesh”, but you will need to arrange delivery yourself if you are buying from smaller retailers (many larger retailers will deliver). If you buy online, you can view many different online stores in one sitting (it would take you days to look around this many shops by foot!), without having to think about parking, delivery, and the inevitable crowds in town. Most large online retailers deliver for free or very little cost, and will normally deliver within seven days.

Shopping for girls bedroom furniture, or that for a boys bedroom, can be both fun and enjoyable, but the key to being successful is knowing what your budget is and what you are after, BEFORE you go shopping.

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