Facelift Procedures

Facelift procedures


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Facelift procedures are methods aimed at eradicating the signs of aging on the face and neck. The surgery condenses a revitalized appearance of the face by ominously improving the contours of the face. Most people opting for Face Lift face issues like decreased elasticity of the skin. This can happen due to a host of reasons, including environmental factors, dietary patterns, aging and stressful lifestyles. Once the elasticity of the skin is compromised, various forms of aging such as wrinkling, creasing, formation of jowls, jaw line furrows and deepening of the nasolabial folds progress at an accelerated rate. Facelift procedures differ for each person since each face has a unique shape and contour, the surgery tends to be slightly different for each patient.


There are several types of facelifts, during a traditional facelift; the doctor makes an incision that typically begins around the hairline from the temple and curves around the earlobe, ending at the bottom of the hairline. Plastic surgery based facelift procedures have two forms: aesthetics and reconstructive. Aesthetics plastic surgery focuses on enhancing certain body features or changing a certain part to make it conform to the looks that we want to have.

Reconstructive surgery is performed to restore something in the body that has been damaged due to the occurrences of certain events like burns, congenital defects such as cleft palate, bone fractures, mastectomy, etc. Correcting certain malformations in the face and body can help the person function better and more comfortably. These results may help the person live a happier life as worries about not being accepted by the society because of appearance may be eliminated which may also increase an individual s productivity. And with technological advancements whole new world of Cosmetic surgery in form of incisive-less laser surgery has been opened which is relatively painless and long lasting. With the help of facelift procedures the changes we make to achieve a certain look that we desire, we become more confident with ourselves and become more comfortable in our interaction with others. Medvoy comprises of plastic surgeons across the world who are considered to be pioneers of plastic surgery and facelift procedures. An appointment with them may clear your doubts regarding the procedures and may clear the path onto a much more confident and jovial world.

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