Hang Christmas Lights For A Merry Christmas Season

By Sean Goudelocks

Ushering the Christmas season would mean bringing out Christmas decorations to create a thematic holiday look that both employees and clients alike would appreciate. For small work places, the owner directs Christmas decor installation. For bigger offices, the HR (Human Resources) Department or Marketing departments are in charge of this.

You can start by taking stock of last year’s decors to see which you can still use and which you need to replace. Then create the theme for your Christmas look this season. For inspiration, you may want a modern Christmas theme, an all white Christmas theme or a red and green Christmas theme. With your chosen theme and a plan, you can then begin decorating.

Christmas lights installation should be part of your Christmas decor list this year. Purchase lines of Christmas lights to use in many parts of the office, inside and outside of the work premises. Get an expert Christmas lights installer to put up your Christmas lights in the following rooms or areas:

Hang Christmas Lights at Your Reception Area. You can drape your Christmas lights and cover the reception counter with vertical lights for effect. Then again, you may wish to outline the counter’s edges instead. If you have a window display, you may wish to line the tops and sides to create a frame with your corporate logo in the centre. You may also have Christmas lights on a traditional Christmas tree but choose dancing lights to follow the Christmas music played from an electronic box.


Hang Christmas Lights at the Conference Room. Line your display cabinet or plaque shelves with Christmas lights to highlight your achievements and encourage visitors waiting inside to view and read the plates on the plaques in these cabinets.

Hang Christmas Lights in Meeting Rooms. Decorate your meeting rooms with Christmas lights to make them more welcoming to visiting clients. Be more creative by creating Christmas shapes on a wall with Christmas lights such as in the form of a Christmas bell, a Christmas angel or a Christmas tree.

Hang Christmas Lights at the Cafeteria. Suspend or dangle Christmas lights to look like a curtain of lights hung over windows. On the other hand, you may instead have your Christmas lights wrapped around wreath decors that you can use around posts, around table stands and even around chair feet.

Hang Christmas Lights around the Work Area. You may have lights to line the manager’s office window and / or you may have them line the flat side of work cubicles. Make sure though these decorations are discreetly and elegantly installed in areas that would not be a distraction to the employees.

Hang Christmas Lights for Your Outside Office Decor. Outside, you can have Christmas lights installed to outline the building, highlighting your office’s unique architectural design. You can also use them on tree branches and bushes for night lighting effects.

There may be other rooms or areas to hang up Christmas lights. Give your imagination and creativity free reign and make your work place a happy one for all employees and visitors to behold and enjoy this yuletide season.

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