How Yoga Asanas Help You Keep Fit?}

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You’ve possibly heard that yoga is good for you. It’s also a possibility that you’ve tried it and have discovered that it makes you feel better. One can get all kinds of mental as well as physical health benefits by practicing this art regularly. One of the benefits such as enhanced flexibility is clearly evident. Others include stress reduction and mental clarity. When taken together, all the benefits that one gets out of practicing this art contributes to an enhanced feeling of well being, which helps clarify why so many individuals are addicted to yoga. Whether you practice this ancient art to relax, breathe, stretch, meditate or just because it’s in fashion, you would not realize the several health benefits of yoga. And while there are several different forms of yoga, starting from more gentle hatha yoga to the more strenuous Bikram Yoga or power yoga, every form of yoga enhances your health from toe to head.

Yoga Benefits the Cardiovasular System

Our cardiovascular system benefits tremendously from practicing yoga: Most particularly :

Your blood pressure gets lowered due to the gentler forms of yoga as the asanas help the blood to flow evenly throughout your body while you’re focusing on your breathing

Individuals, who suffer from hypertension can benefit from this art to a great extent, as hatha yoga can lower your heart rate and blood pressure

There are several practitioners who have claimed their cholesterol to have lowered due to practicing yoga

Power yoga is believed to be an outstanding form of cardio conditioning, which helps in strengthening the core muscles while it keeps the oxygen and blood circulating throughout your body

Benefits for Mental Health

This ancient art benefits everyone’s mental health by helping the individual relax, and it’s an efficient form of psychological therapy. Yoga lessen anxiety and stress, which results in better health, mood and concentration right through the day. Many have used this art to help treat a wide variety of emotional and mental disorders, which include depression, anxiety and mood swings

Even children can benefit from yoga. Those suffering from attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity can even learn to relax and get control by using yoga breathing and asanas.

As this art is a form of meditation, it results in a sense of inner peace and purpose, which has great benefits.

It has also been used to help heal victims of torture or other trauma

Yoga has always been a frontrunner in promoting well being and has spread extensively in India and other parts of the world. Yoga school in Goa offers the best of teachings that are at par with others across the globe. In India, thousands of followers throng the schools for yoga teacher training Goa as they want to get the maximum benefit from the teachings. This shows the importance of this art among the people today, particularly the youngsters. Remember, regular practice of yoga creates multiple as well as noticeable benefits to your health. So, try some postures today and if possible under the guidance of a yoga instructor. A yoga instructor should guide you initially at least till you are well versed with all the poses.

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