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Implant Dentists|Cosmetic Dentistry Richmond VA|Sedation


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Implant Dentists|Cosmetic Dentistry Richmond VA|Sedation Dentistry For Pain


Sedation dentistry,also known as sleep dentistry by some, is a cosmetic dental solution meant for those patients who are anxious and nervous about going to the dentist. These people may fear needles, have sensitive teeth and gums or just have difficulty in getting numb.

Sedation dentistry is a solution to the pain experienced during some Cosmetic dental procedures. These procedures can now be performed with no pain whatsoever to you the patient. Sedation dentistry is very useful when it comes to invasive dental procedures such as installation of dental crowns, dental implants and other forms of dental related procedures.

Cosmetic and Implant Dentists in Richmond VA


offer their patients different forms of sedation dentistry. Most cosmetic dentists in Richmond Va offer both oral sedation and nitrous depending on your particular needs. The sedatives used are not meant to put you to sleep but to relax you and take the edge off during any given procedure so that you can resume your normal day when you the office.

It is simple…you take a prescribed medicine (pill) by one of our implant dentists in Richmond about one hour before you come to our office and by the time the procedure has begun, you are very comfortable for the duration of your cosmetic dental procedure.

The medication used in sedation dentistry is very safe and it will ensure that you feel no pain at all, and with that giving you a relaxed feeling during the procedure.

Some Cosmetic dentists in Richmond VA perform sedation dentistry using local anesthesia. The reason for this is that local anesthesia is very safe for the patients, and in the event of something going wrong they will be in a better position to treat you.

During your entire dental procedure, you will be closely monitored by these dentists alongside their assistants so as to ensure that there are no problems at all.

It is of great importance that you tell your Richmond Va Cosmetic Dentist if you are taking in any other medication prior to your sedation dentistry and cosmetic dental procedure or operation. This is to ensure your personal safety and well being.

A seven year study was carried out over 35,000 patients who were given local based anesthesia by dental surgeons ,most are members of the American Dental Association of Oral Surgeons. After the study it was noted that only 6 percent of the patients suffered from minor side effects such as nausea after using the anesthesia. There were whatsoever no long-term effects that resulted from use of the anesthesia.

Normally after undergoing a sedation procedure during cosmetic dentistry at a Richmond VA cosmetic Dentists office, you will most certainly feel drowsy and more of drunk, and your dentist will definitely recommend that you bring someone to drive you home.

You will not be able to operate a motor vehicle, bicycle or just about any other form of machinery while under anesthesia. Using public transport can also be a problem especially if you are too drowsy or too disoriented to get yourself home.

If you require more information with regard to sedation dentistry, you are free to visit your nearest Cosmetic and Implant Dentist office in Richmond VA or the dental department at VCU Hospital where you will get the best advice and information.

With the introduction and use of dental sedation, a lot of the discomfort to patients has been eliminated and most importantly the risk of injury has been reduced.

A Dental Exam is a great way to preventing future health issues and limiting the effects of periodontal or gum disease.

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