Key Features Of A Good Hydroponics Grow Box

By Albert Farajian

As we’ve mentioned, a hydroponics grow box is a comprehensive system for cultivating healthy plants. A grow box can accommodate a hydroponic indoor gardening method as well as a soil-based system. But when it comes to using a grow system for indoor gardening, not all hydroponic grow boxes are made the same – although each product is customized, there are some common features that are found on most of the best grow boxes and grow tent systems offered by hydroponic retailers.

One of the most important features of a good grow system is light. A good grow light will present sufficient wattage for plant growth and offer the right parts of the light spectrum for healthy yields. The best hydroponic grow lights will include easy to use accessories for positioning the light during different parts of the plant cycle. The best lights come from recognized manufacturers with a reputation for good design and durability.

Another common feature of grow boxes that work best for growers is a combination of fans, vents and other features for successful air handling. Hydroponic gardening thrives on control. Gardeners need to be able to adjust carbon dioxide levels, keep plants at a specific temperature range, and ensure good ventilation for their plants. Internal air fans often accomplish this well – many kits will also include odor control accessories so that the hydroponic project doesn’t impact the sanitary atmosphere of the room that it’s placed in.

In addition to the above, good grow box systems will often have security features to protect plants from unauthorized tampering. They will utilize innovative nutrient feeding techniques, and many of them will include automated controls for low-maintenance use and more effective manipulation of the plant environment – the best hydroponic systems are built to last, and many of them can act as load-bearing furniture to enable them to blend into a room or interior setting.


These are just some of the best features and benefits you can expect from modern hydroponic systems that you can get from your hydroponic retailer. Be sure to get all of the additional features and customized accessories that you need to perfect your unique hydroponic project plan.

If you are looking for a hydroponics system, make sure to go with a reputable dealer. One such dealer is They are known for great customer service and have a wide selection of grow boxes to choose from.

Although many grow box systems can accommodate either hydroponic or soil-based gardening, buyers are likely to choose hydroponic strategies for most of these systems simply because of the way they are designed, and because of the greater range of options available to most gardeners. Much of soil based growing is still done in open environments, and while grow box systems can provide off-season protection for soil-based seedlings and starter plants, many of these products are made specifically with hydroponic gardening in mind, and many kinds of soil-based gardens can be accommodated by a much simpler environment.

One reason for using a hydroponic strategy when using grow box systems is that these grow systems tend to feature a sealed interior. This is perfect for hydroponic growing, where the control of the interior is critically important to the project. By contrast, soil-based farming can happen without a sealed interior as long as there is available light and a sufficient temperature range.

Lots of the grow boxes on today’s market also feature automated controls and other bells and whistles that are usually more useful for hydroponics than they are for soil-based gardening. Hydroponic plants grow differently than soil-based plants in most cases, in terms of their trajectory and they way they are trained to grow. Grow boxes accommodate plants in specific ways that may be more complimentary to a hydroponic strategy.

Despite these considerations, gardeners can choose to use a grow box for either hydroponic or soil-based projects. Some of these systems even have handy plant pots or plant containers for either hydroponic or traditional gardening according to the buyer’s desired method. Nutrient feeding strategies and other aspects of the gardening process will differ greatly depending on which sort of gardening the buyer wants to do with a grow tent or grow box system. An informed purchase starts with reading product specifications and how they may relate to these very different types of gardening.

Another major aspect of choosing hydroponics over soil is that hydroponics creates full blown harvest in a matter of 6-8 weeks. When using a Co2 system, indoor gardeners can harvest in 6 weeks as opposed to 8 weeks. Traditional gardening usually takes a few weeks longer to harvest an entire batch of vegetables or herbs. Although, traditional gardening is overall more traditional and therefore there is nothing that needs to be learned. Overall, hydroponics is recommended.

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