New Trends That Are Changing Classroom Learning

Schools are beginning to realize that the previous learning method that is successful yet slow is bottle-necking students performing abilities. There are more and more schools everyday adapting to new technological solutions to make sure there is optimal efficiency in learning and gaining knowledge. It is proven that when more than just one sensory organ is used to learn for example the eyes through reading is slower than two sensory organs being used e.g. Eyes to read and Ear to listen and other combinations of senses. British council now also provides IELTS Tests that are conducted on computer rather than paper based exam. It is essential that we provide the engaging fun ways that students expect in learning.

Students learn better when provided with individual catering instead of group learning. Many students due to better social skills end up performing better than some students who are left in the dust. More and more schools have resorted to taking suggestions and feedbacks on daily or weekly basis to try to cater individual needs and wants for optimal learning.

Blended flipped learning

This is a form of blended learning where students gain their knowledge through topics at home by watching prerecorded lectures with access to online content and then proceed on coming into class to do their homework. This helps learning process to get simpler with critical thinking skills.

Besides this in flipped learning concept classrooms are provided with fast internet access and further on various mobile based applications can be used to create an interactive learning environment. This helps the teachers assess the learning pace and effectiveness of each student with real life statistics recorded through Parent App i.e. the teachers App. This helps the teacher keep a real track of the performance of the student.

Home based online learning

Also known as remote learning, this model allows students to learn online through exclusive online content that can be accessed anywhere at any time. This is the latest way of achieving degrees from reputable universities for a fraction of the price. This is not only cheap but the documents and content is available online for you. This has been awarded as the most eco-friendly way to teaching as it produces nil carbon footprint and no paper is being wasted.

There are teacher available to reach out to if you want to bring in teachers help on a specific subject matter. This provides a higher quality of learning in a small price, with no costs of travelling or living in a different country. All you need to put yourself through online based learning is a reliable internet connection paired with fast mobile, tablet or computer.

Gaming based learning

Like the name suggests this learning model is based on gaming algorithms to try and bring critical thinking and applying it in real time. This method has proven to make students sharper and quicker to respond to changes. The idea is to use games to produce challenges for the learner with rewards and as the students progresses the challenges become harder with equally as good rewards.

Winning will help the brain release dopamine which triggers pleasure and appreciation. This makes this learning model where students aren’t forced into liking or enjoying education. This model keeps on forcing the potential within the pupil to surface.

Mind mapping

Most students complain that they aren’t really gaining any knowledge which is false to some extent as the normal learning technique at times seems passive and there isn’t any direction or at least there isn’t any direction that can be seen which is what leads to students doubting the educational system

Mind mapping is a model with the aim of making it easier for students to recall information and knowledge. Mind mapping can help students bounce ideas off each other which will train students into thinking more creatively. These ideas can be then share over social media or traditional email.


This model is based on similar principles like online or remote learning. Today everyday life is heavily dependent on technology and if all of these tools of technology are harnessed together to provide an endless income of relevant data and knowledge. It can help create an immersive environment where learning is interaction based.

This method provides teachers with useless information like which students is lacking and where the problem is occurring and how many of total students are learning something from the curriculum. This can help the teachers to work on specifically the problems students are going through. It helps students to focus on the learning with teachers help exactly where it is needed. It is easily one of the best ways to improve student learning effectively.

These learning methods can help usher the new education systems into real life where student learning is maximized with interest. So that students don’t have to be forced to study and learn. Instead the learning will be based on self-interest which can help improve the effectiveness of this system in long term. It’s not necessary to use any of the models above in its distinct state in fact it can be changed up after mix and matching styles. Using technology will not only increase their interests but also will help them learn how to use this technology is the most efficient way possible. In short term learning is important you can still get your essay help fromwrite my essay if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

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