Online Tutorials The Next Big Thing In Education Industry

Online Tutorials – The next big thing in Education Industry


Lisa Mendal

At the end of every school day, seventh – grader Sandy heads straight to home excitingly. She is excited because she has just met her new tutor Mr. Garg. But Sandy s tutor, Mr. Siddharth Garg, doesn’t come to her house. In fact, Mr.Garg has never has been to America. Isn t that surprising? Welcome to this new world of online tutorials! Every day Sandy switches on her personal computer. She then logs onto a website and then chats via voice over internet technology. Sandy then puts her headsets and speaks to Mr.Garg Hello Mr. Garg, how are you? the response comes in real time I am fine Sandy, how was your day? Siddharth is one of a growing number of educated Indians now teaching online tutorials to U.S students over the Internet. Siddharth lives in New Delhi, India 11,000 miles away from Sandy.

My son was not performing well in his Geometry classes and I was really very worried about his low grades in school , said Claudia, mother of Brad who is in 7th grade. One of my close friends told me about these online tutoring companies. I decided to at least give it a try and got surprisingly good results. My son got full marks in his geometry paper. Thanks to online tutoring!


No child left behind Act , the recent law passed by the American government in the year 2002, has been a propelling force towards the direction of boosting online tutoring. According to this law the schools (public as well as private), which failed to provide quality education to the teenagers, are required to hire private tutors to enhance the student s performance. Since then the schools that were lagging behind have tightened their belts. Due to this many American families have started enrolling their kids to these online tutoring centers rather than sending them to private tutors. The private tutors or tutorial companies in US charged $ 50 to $ 100 per hour and that helped a lot in boosting the business for these online tutorials companies as they charge as low as $ 15 per hour!

This is the latest trend in education industry in which tutors from India provide help to American teenagers to help them to understand and grasp the concepts of their respective subjects with ease. These online tutorial companies provide their customers with high quality content and that too at reduced costs!

The tutors working with these companies have completed their Masters or postgraduate degrees and all of them undergo exhaustive training for several weeks on how to speak with a low pitch American accent or how to understand American slang. All tutors working under these online tutoring companies have to go through a rigorous interview and have to pass through a certified test.

Many Indian based companies like TransWebTutors (, BrainFuse, TransTutors and Tutor vista have come up with some very exciting offers. They are providing preparation for standardized tests like TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT etc. Apart from this TransWebTutors (, a New Delhi based company is offering an unlimited online tutoring for $ 99 per month. Isn t that mind blowing? These online tutorial companies have got a pool of teachers specialized in subjects like Mathematics, Science, English etc.

Online Tutoring industry has risen up very much and is growing day by day. Online tutoring is a key to success for American teenagers and serve as a tremendous weapon for their growth and success in the coming future. It’s the outsourcing of education. Just like manufacturing or service jobs, borders no longer limit the task of teaching America s youth!

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