Seven Best Hair Restoration Techniques

Hair restoration is a process of restoring hair to the areas of your head where balding or thinning has taken place. This process has been used to restore eyebrows and facial hairs. There are many requirements that you will need to meet so that you can undergo hair restoration treatment.

Always make sure to set a realistic goal because the procedure is not for everyone. If, in any case, you are completely bald, this procedure is not fit for you. You need some hair that will act as a donor for the transplant. There are many types of hair restoration techniques to choose from. Always consult your doctor for the best method.

Best Hair Restoration Techniques

The following are the seven best hair restoration techniques for hair loss;

FUE Technique

This hair restoration technique is one of the most used methods of hair restoration. FUE involves removing hair follicles from the back of your head and planting them in the affected areas. This technique is the most natural, and it does not leave you with scars.


The FUT Method

In the FUT method, the skin has to be cut so that hair follicles may be removed. The hair that was removed will then be transplanted to the affected areas of your head. This method will leave you with visible scars, which heals over time.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Method

NeoGraft is an advanced FUE method. This technique is less invasive and uses automated tools. The technique reduces time, and you will feel very comfortable during and after the process.

A Healthy Balanced Diet

Your hair follicles need an excellent diet to survive. Always make sure to take a balanced diet so that your hair may not fall. Balanced diets help to get your body in a more natural state.


This method is a natural and best way of treating hair loss. It is also used to treat scars and wrinkles. Micro-needling has been proved to be one of the best ways of treating hair loss problems.

Scalp Tension Reduction Device

Stress or any other physical stress can cause hair loss. If this stress continues for a long time, it can lead to inflamed scalp tissues. The scalp reduction instrument works like a massage. It helps in loosening and relaxation of the muscles. It is a perfect way of hair restoration because it reduces inflammation.

The scalp reduction device gives the best results. You will only spend ten minutes a day with a scalp reduction device, and you will see the results.

Smart PRP

Smart PRP is a non-surgical method. This technique involves the injection of platelet-rich plasma in your scalp to cause new hair growth. This process helps to increase the survival rate of your hair. This procedure will make your hair look thicker and natural.


Beverly Hills hair restoration is essential for people who are going through hair loss problems. There are many hair restoration procedures that you can use to treat hair loss. Some procedures are surgical, and others are not. Always do more research before settling for any process.

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