Still Waiting For Pokmon Go? 5 Best Augmented Reality Games To Try Right Away.}

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Many Indian smartphone users are waiting for the official release of the AR game, Pokmon Go in India. Pokmon Go, the AR game developed by Niantic gained extreme popularity within a short time because of its augmented reality experience. However, as per the sources, the game has already started losing its buzz. Just in the beginning of August, more than 12 million worldwide users have dropped the game. According to a report by Bloomberg, the gaming app was being enjoyed by around 45 million users till the mid-July and after which its user base is brought down to a daily user base of around 30 million. Looking at this statistics, it wont be wrong to say that Pokmon Go was a fad.

Well, dont lose heart! What if you cannot play the official Pokmon Go game now? There are many other augmented reality based games that you can actually have fun with right away.

Top 5 Augmented Reality Games

These are the top 5 AR games which you can play on your smartphone just like Pokmon Go.

1. Ingress


Ingress is the earliest augmented reality game from Niantic before the launch of Pokmon Go. The game relies on the users GPS location. The players of the game are required to perform physical activities like walk or drive to the different portals in order to work together with it. Ingress allows players to interact with new people, travel nearby places and be active. The working of the game is quite similar to the Pokmon Go, but the feel of playing Ingress is totally different and great if you want to try something new. The app is available on both android Play Store and iTunes.

2. Real Strike

Real Strike is a first-person-shooting AR game from Yii International. The app uses the real-time surroundings using your Smartphones camera and then mixes it up with a computed 3D gun animation. It allows you to experience real-life surroundings, no matter where you are standing (in the forest, street or office). It will mix up the 3D animations and lets you enjoy the game. Cool features like thermal vision, firing, reloading the gun, night vision, and other elements are available in the game. This first-person-shooting game, Real Strike is available only for iOS.

3. Zombies Everywhere

Zombies Everywhere was developed by Useless Creations. The game places zombies all around you -thanks to its augmented reality. They will attempt to move slowly towards you and demolish your brains. As the game proceeds, it offers more horrible and powerful zombies which will challenge your survival instincts. There are two types of the mode in the game. The former is a challenging mode whereas the latter is a safe mode where you have power to attack or kill zombies but the zombies will never harm you. The game is available for iOS users only.

4. SpecTrek

SpecTrek is a ghost hunting game developed by Games4All. It uses your Smartphones camera and GPS for creating virtual ghosts around your real surroundings. The game turns your phone into radar where you can search for ghosts. It is a perfect for time killing. You will spend hours of engagement without even noticing. SpecTrek however, is available for Android platform only.

5. Parallel Kingdom MMO

Last but not the least in our list is the Parallel Kingdom MMO. This is also an AR game that pulls you back to the era of Kings and Kingdoms. It is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game which transforms you standard Google Maps into an atlas filled with prisons, kingdoms, and castles. There are 40 levels to play around along with the standard D&D (Dungeon and Dragons). You have to journey for adventures, walk around creepy vaults and spread dragons or creatures to conquer new regions and rule the world. The game is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC platforms.

How did you like the list of top 5 augmented reality games? Dont they sound interesting? Arent they the best alternatives for Pokmon Go? So go ahead and give these games a try before you get hands on Pokmon Go in India. I am sure you will enjoy them.

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