Tips For Working With A College Admissions Consultant

Submitted by: Jane Damad

College consultants are still fairly new to the college application world, but they are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Because many students fear the college application process and they desperately want to get accepted into the college of their choice, they turn to these consultants for help. Essentially, college consultants are supposed to help a student fill out the perfect application while also giving them helpful tips on how to get accepted. Of course, it is easy to see why this has become popular because getting accepted into a college has become quite challenging.

Getting a college consultant does not mean that a student is guaranteed to be accepted to the school of their dreams. There is truly no way to guarantee that. The best way for a student to get accepted to their first choice is to simply do well in high school, have extracurricular activities, and perform well on the SAT or ACT. It sounds simple, but it is obviously not that easy. This is why many students are turning to these counselors to help them present themselves to their dream college in the best light. They are there to help stressed out students prepare themselves for the application process.

How does one choose the perfect college consultant? Honestly, there is no way to be sure that a college consultant is an expert. There are many independent workers out there that simply claim to have all of the greatest information, but they have no proof to back up their statements. While it is true that a student could find the perfect independent consultant that helps them get accepted, it will most likely not happy. The best thing a student can do when looking for a college consultant is to look at their credentials and certifications.


The more certifications and experience a college consultant has the better. Many of these counselors will charge outrageous prices for their services. In fact, some of the most popular college consultants charge so much that it ends up being more than one year s tuition at the average college. Paying this much for college application advice is simply absurd, seeing as many students get into college for free of charge, minus the application fee of course. There are consultants out there that do not want an arm and a leg for their services and they typically have a large amount of experience.

Hiring a college consultant has become quite popular over the last few years. Students are constantly stressed out over the application process and they will always worry that they did not do enough to make themselves unique. In order to help them put their fears to rest, college consultants will take them through the entire process and tell them everything they need to do to keep their acceptance chances high. Always be sure to look for the certifications and experience level of a college consultant before hiring them, but it could be the very thing that gets a student accepted into their dream college.

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