Transitioning Your Child Into Daycare In East Rockaway


After the interviewing, touring, and researching companies for Day Care in East Rockaway, transitioning your toddler (and yourself) for the first day can be difficult. Many parents already have their reservations about letting their little one’s go, but many of them are not prepared to deal with the emotions that their child will experience. Preparing for the first day and transitioning your child into the idea of being away from mommy and daddy can make a huge difference in how your child reacts on the daily basis.

Visit Prior to the First Day

Ask the director if you can bring your child to Day Care in East Rockaway prior to their anticipated start date. On this day, you will bring your child in, allow them to interact with the other children and teachers with you by their side. Be sure to point out any positives that will make them excited about coming on the daily basis. Once you see that your child is comfortable, step out of the classroom and observe from an area where they can’t see you looking. See how well your child reacts, how the teacher responds to their cries, and how fast they get back to enjoying the fun.

Educate Your Child

There are a lot of reading materials now that parents can educate their children with before they start Day Care in East Rockaway. For instance, find a book for toddlers that talk about transitioning into daycare. Children are able to hear how the characters in the story reacted to the first day and how everything worked out in the end. You should stress to the child that when they start school they are going to have so much fun and that you will return to pick them up every day.A final rule of thumb when you send your child to Day Care in East Rockaway is once you drop them off, do not pacify their cries. While it may be hard for you to see them crying, the best way to get them accustomed to the idea is to allow the teachers and caretakers to comfort them. This creates a sense of security for them and allows them to have a better time transitioning into daycare.

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